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During COVID-19 A mask is required for service.  We will only allow one customer/group paying on the same transaction in the store at a time.  For curbside service please call us at 808-238-5192 to place an order. Updates are available on Facebook @subohmvapesllc and on Instagram @subohmvapes.   

This product contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive Chemical

Kailua-Kona's Fully Stocked Vape Shop


Welcome to Sub Ohm Vapes LLC, home of Kailua-Kona’s leading vape concierge. We are passionate about helping people quit smoking and start vaping. The result is a healthier lifestyle replete with a world of flavorful options that you can take with you anywhere in a sleek, compact form. Whether you’re already initiated or just curious, we invite you to sample our vape juices for a nominal fee before you buy. Since our establishment in 2014, Sub Ohm Vapes LLC has been the leading provider of e-cigarette kits, vaporizer accessories, CBD oil, and vape juices in Kailua-Kona. We are dedicated to connecting customers to the right products to enhance their lifestyles and protect their health. Vapes are a way to ween yourself off of cigarettes and may be an alternative. Our services are tailored to fit your needs, so get in touch with us today to find your perfect vape solution!   

Why Vape?

In recent years, the American public has moved steadily away from cigarettes and other tobacco products as more and more studies show the deleterious effects smoking can have. Vaporizers and e-cigarettes, on the other hand, offer the best of both worlds: you can enjoy the full bodied flavor and nicotine rush you’ve come to associate with traditional methods of smoke, but without the smoke!

Rather than igniting combustible, tar-producing materials such as tobacco leaves and paper, vapes apply just enough heat to an oil compound the transform it into a harmless, inoffensive vapor in a process known as atomization. The result is a healthier way to “smoke” without bothering those around you with second-hand smoke. When you factor in the wide range of vape juice flavors available, there’s simply no reason to stick with cancer-causing cigarettes! 

Comprehensive Range of Products 

Sub Ohm Vapes was founded in 2014 to serve our local community’s needs for a healthy and flavorful alternative to cigarettes. Since then, we have expanded our offering to include virtually every type of vape product you might want or have an interest in trying. 

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