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Local Vaping Shop Serving Kailua-Kona, HI

Established in 2014, Sub Ohm Vapes LLC has helped countless customers throughout Kailua-Kona discover the benefits of vaping. We style ourselves as a concierge for all things vape, satisfying a need in our community that had hitherto gone unsatisfied. At Sub Ohm Vapes, you’ll find a comprehensive range of high-quality hardware, flavorful juices and much more–all at unbeatable prices.  

Vape Education

Vaping is a smarter lifestyle decision, as it has been proven to help people off harmful tobacco products like cigarettes, cigars and dip. At Sub Ohm Vapes, we continually strive to spread the vape gospel by educating our community on the benefits of switching over. As part of that effort, we provide support on how to be a responsible vaper, how to choose the right products, and how to get the most out of using them.  

Tasting Bar

Many vaping shops take advantage of having cornered the market in their locales, forcing users to go on faith that their vape juice purchases will be something they enjoy. At Sub Ohm Vapes, we’ve done away with that business model altogether, and instead we invite you to sample for a nominal fee our wares before you buy. True to the aloha spirit, our tasting bar is open to the community. Let us help you find the perfect vaping solution for your tastes, budget and lifestyle!
Adjusting Vape

Meet the Owner: Lokelani N.

  Before I discovered vaping, I had been smoking a pack of cloves a day. While I knew this wasn’t a healthy habit, I was addicted to both the tobacco and the taste. My loving husband urged me to try out vape products as a way to ween myself off of cigarettes, and with the support of the incredibly inclusive vaping community, I began my journey to a healthier lifestyle. After discovering the wide world of vape juice flavors, I knew that I’d found a solution that was both good for my health and overall a more pleasant experience than my old clove cigarettes.

From that point on, I have made it my mission to help other people quit using tobacco for good and pick up vaping instead. Having been born and raised in Hawaii and now raising three kids of my own, it has been my privilege to set an example for (and guide my community towards) making better health and lifestyle decisions.  

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